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Will's Epic In The Timeless Zone


«Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone» is a Jet Set Willy like game.
It was created for reason of fun and nostalgia, and as a tribute to JSW and more generally to the video games that made the glory of personal computers in the 80's.
You'll need a browser which supports Flash-player and a keyboard.
You can contact me if you have comments or suggestions about the game.

Play Will and enjoy...


Timeless Zone, the homeless platform JSW like game found a new hosting !

With all these php more or less strict modes, all those 'mysql' which have to be 'mysqli' and other things I don't remember what it is for and how it works, it's a mess.

Nevermind, oui oui, Will will be soon back on the web, and we will be following him catching all the little things, among all the little bugs until the ultimate Crash, which should lead us to the sleeping king in the secret chamber of the lost pyramid !


Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to everyone !

Good news : We made this £ù@ô§% yellow parrot easier to jump ! (And also added one or two new rooms in the process... ;-)


In response to repeated complaints about the look of the bathroom, we finally changed it's decoration... Everyone likes blue, yeah ?!

Five new rooms were added ! If you're seeking for more lives , explore beyond the roof... (Furthermore it would be the oportunity to solve permanently this problem of alien leakages !!)


Damn it ! This seems to be our first important update ?!... Some changes to the site content & design, as you probably noticed. A link to open Roland Radio on the right, in case you need music... Try it !
Some little changes to the game too... Eight new rooms were added ! Explore around the roof, some tenants complained about various kind of leakages upthere.
2 bugs fixed in the tower & chimney areas. Be sure to empty your browser cache and reload the new release of the game.

By the way, Will embellished his bathroom. What do you think of the new decoration ? Nice, isn't it ?


That's not exactly the 'buzz' I excepted... Well it's my fault, there is nothing surprising in this. Most of the persons who experienced 'JSW' are now over 40, father of 2 or 3 kids and have better things to do than playing video games ;-).
One more thing I'm doing with 15 or 20 years of delay I suppose.

Hey Reader ! You must share this page !! (Over forty vidéo-game addicts are a good choice.)


I fixed a bug in the game. Thanks to Dazel's bug report ;-).


You currently have 25 rooms to discover and 89 items to collect (Well..if I'm not mistaken).

!! Don't forget to login/register in order to have your score saved in the Heroes Table !!