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Will's Epic In The Timeless Zone


© 2021 Julien Gaubert/Amokis Brarlaka

«Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone» website & videogame is both a donationware and a proprietary software.
You are free to play it online as much as you want.
You may not entirely or partly : sell, distribute, copy, decompile, or modify it.

Website concept, Game programming and all designs by Julien Gaubert.

Texts by Amokis Brarlaka.

The screenshots of Amstrad & other personal computer games illustrating the articles are of course the property of their respective copyright holders.


Special thanks to Nicolas & Marijane for their assistance in the english translations.


As you noticed, Will's platform game involve a lot of allusions to some famous Amstrad games ;-) and looks like Jet Set Willy !
Is it tribute, plagiarism, creativity... or together all those things ?

Well, propelled by pleasure & nostalgia, I conceived it both as a game inspired by JSW and a possible continuation of it. But of course, in a way that it would include a lot of personal creativity, a gameplay a bit different and a game engine totally original. As an artist, I wouldn't have satisfied myself only by reproducing something similar. In that way, I guess I can't consider my process as plagiarism.

At this stage of the project, it could just as easily be a basis for THE official continuation of JSW by enhancing and adapting it on more relevant programming language & platforms (I'd love to be involved in such a project !), or a game that not less inspired by the original JSW would take distance of it to create something new...
Or it could just stay the game as it is now, as a tribute to JSW.

Anyway, one thing compensating the other and considering that at this moment it's not a commercial process, I suppose that concerning the existence of this project as a free game on the web the balance should be preserved...